Bellflower, Los Angeles

I’m in LA so as is standard here – in SoCal – it took me only about 3 hours before stumbling across a load of cars. It would have been sooner but i’d stopped off for coffee on the way. Being in the throws of European jet-lag (in bed by 7pm, up at 5am) myself and my van-driving companions were in Bellflower by the crack of dawn; the location for all the cars, below. The street had been closed off for the show which meant no shitty (mostly modern) cars cluttering up photographs of the buildings; my pet hate, giving the oppertunity to take some great street-shots too. And this street in particular was super-photogenic being the archetypal mid-century-small-town-America us Brits believe ALL of America to be built from: the barber shop, the ice-cream parlour, the soda-fountain and the ‘No Poop Stains’ laundrette. (wait, what?!!) And no crowds either – it still being relatively early. My other pet-hate being people getting in the way of the car shot. Me, patiently waiting for slow-moving-shufflers to get out of the way; painfully working their way around the whole damn car, usually with their head to one side.


Back in Venice the cars keep coming… I really do try hard to remember all the stuff people try to patiently teach me about pistons, fuel-injectors and other, complicated car-descriptors but it all seems to be just a bunch of letters and numbers, designed to be instantly forgotten. The only thing I can really do is date cars (not romantically, obvs). Don’t ask me about the engine but I’m usually correct within a year or two at either end of the models life-span. A 1968 Mercedes caused some considerable fluttering on social media as it looked way earlier but i can categorically confirm it was definitely a ’68. I’d like to play smart and say I was sure all along but the ‘For Sale’ sign in the back window was a bit of a give-away what with it listing the entire specs of the thing. No arguing there, whoever was selling it knows their own car right? Should have bought it? Could have sold it again before leaving LA? Who knows. Haven’t driven in 20 years so i’d probably have dented the damn thing anyway.

FullSizeRender 169

And finally, just a quick question. Who the F’ leaves a DeLorean parked on the side of the road in Venice?! I’m reliably informed you could pick these up ‘all-day-long’ for only $15k as recently as only a few years ago. I’d go back to London, 1666. Be around for that in-between period between the last-ever British plague outbreak and the Great Fire of London. Would have been interesting, I think. I’m sure others would do way cooler music-based stuff but nah, 17th century London for me.