The Modernist Issue 33: Junction

I guest-edited issue 33 of The Modernist, and it’s out now! It’s the start of the J series, and I chose the theme of Junction. Felt apt. I curated all the contents, including pieces by Wayne Hemmingway, Chris Difford from Squeeze and The Haçienda architect Ben Kelly. I worked with its design and art directors Team ’19 – adhering to The Modernist’s regular format and tone as created by its founders, Eddy Rhead and Jack Hale. The Modernist is publishing about 20th-century art and design, and its print offerings can be purchased at Many thanks to The Modernist for the opportunity and all those who contributed and gave their time to support its work! 

Junction intro

Junction Poster Power visuals
1968: Poster Power by Russ Gater
Junction Haiku
A Haiku by Colin Fallows
Junction Dalston Junction
Model of Dalston Junction by Elizabeth Riley-Evans for John McAslam + Partners
Junction Parabolic Portrait
The Parabolic Commons by Fight Bullshit Create Truth
Junction Parabolic
The Parabolic Commons by Fight Bullshit Create Truth
Junction back DPS fold-out
Spaghetti Junction By Tom Bird

Junction contents

Professional work: Ideas Make Manifestos