The Way to San Jose as Featured in The Modernist 35: JOURNEY

There’ll be the exciting pop of old advertising: massive bill boards featuring consumer goods and services, high alters to both commerce and products-as-democracy: “A coke is a coke and no amount of money can get you a better coke.”

My creative side-hustle came in most useful during lockdown in LA –

Wrote this piece for the ironically titled ‘JOURNEY’ issue of The Modernist.

It’s about America’s iconic road signage; spent many blissful hours photographing a completely deserted LA.

It’s the third piece I have written about ‘The Great American road’.

To read the whole piece

The Caravan of Love as Featured in The Modernist 28: Holiday

The Great American Road: Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn. As Featured in Monopod





You can buy a copy here: The Modernist | JOURNEY | Issue #35