Charles & Ray Eames house LA

The Background to a Life in Work

@tsptr is a clothing brand exploring American counterculture, politics and subcultural themes. 

In this issue of its seasonal journal, it explored the cultural, political and recreational zeitgeist of California past and present. 

All the contributors have found themselves in LA at some point and were commissioned to write a piece around the theme of being a visitor to this transient American state, which is said to be “the kind of place where everybody is from somewhere else. A transient place. People are drawn by the dream.”

For the Fall / Winter piece, the subject of Los Angles architecture was chosen, with the piece being inspired by a visit to Eames House by Charles and Ray Eames and Ennis House by the god-father of American architecture Frank Lloyd Wright, the houses being only 18-miles apart from each other in LA.

The piece compared the two buildings from an ideological, design and atmosphere point of view and also the roles they played in providing design solutions post WW2 and as backdrops in cult American fiction films and TV shows Bladerunner, Twin Peaks and even an episode of Southpark. 

An 8-page feature featuring original photos shot and written in California during the lockdown of Spring 2020 with a further commission to write for the Spring Summer 2021 journal.

The full-colour 136-page magazine is available for sale via the tsptr website and also features articles and photography from legendary Australian surf photographer and writer John Witzig.

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