As featured in the TSPTR Journal Fall Winter 2020

“The assembled writers and artists all influence TSPTR. Their work and ideas acting as catalysts for continual exploration.”

The piece compares Eames House and Ennis House from an ideological, design and atmosphere point of view and also the roles they played in providing design solutions post WW2 and as backdrops in cult American fiction Bladerunner, Twin Peaks and even an episode of Southpark.

I’d written a piece for The Modernist 35: JOURNEY called The Way to San Jose – a completely improbable journey across the states highlighted by America’s iconic road signs. I’d spent many blissful hours photographing a completely deserted LA lockdown and had collected lots of photos of them.
But why stop at LA.
This piece features signs from most of the places I’ve passed through during the last 10 years. Or at least it will when it’s finished. It’s an ongoing project, follow me @under_rocks_sarah_feeney for updates.