Take a trip around the world from east to west and back again. Stop off at various locations where you can find interesting pockets of Modernism.
Seventeen correspondents share personal experiences of their travels – of which I am one, reporting on Basel, Switzerland; acknowledging its Modernist status – surprising as most people associate Switzerland with bell-wearing purple cows, mountains made from chocolate, cheese and those funny wood-stack cottages that Heidi lived in.

In 1974 Stephen King and his wife checked-in for the night at The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park. It was the hotels last booking before closing for the winter and they were the only guests. During the night, Stephen King dreamt of fire hoses, his screaming three-year-old son and corridors. Not surprisingly, he woke in a sweat and reached for a cigarette. “By the time the cigarette was done” Stephen King had the bones of a book set in his head.

I visit the hotel that inspired The Shining.

Beer and Concrete Bike Tours take place on Friday afternoons. The tours are pretty simple. My friends and I just cycle around looking at Modernist buildings. That’s it. Most people would consider this boring but if like us, your mood is lifted by a couple of clean lines and some cast concrete, the weekend starts here.

The Under Rocks city guide to chasing concrete in Basel, Switzerland.

The toughest, but ultimately most rewarding part was getting rid of everything I owned. A massive WHATEV’S to all you ‘Life-changing-Magic-of-Tidying Gurus’.
5-years ahead of you lot. AND I didn’t just do a bit of de-cluttering. I liberated myself from a life-time of clutter.

An account of what lead to my 9-years of remote work / living life.