The toughest, but ultimately most rewarding part was getting rid of everything I owned. A massive WHATEV’S to all you ‘Life-changing-Magic-of-Tidying Gurus’.
5-years ahead of you lot. AND I didn’t just do a bit of de-cluttering. I liberated myself from a life-time of clutter.

An account of what lead to my 9-years of remote work / living life.

How exactly are they making a living out of travelling the world? By telling YOU how to make a living out of traveling the world, that’s how. It’s like some psychedelic travel pyramid scheme in which no one actually does anything but create a self-proliferating army of travellers all doing the same none-specified ‘work’.

An account of why you should / could save your money and organise it yourself instead.

*In my opinion.

The crowd inside the diy-bar above the office of the Choque Cultural art gallery pour out onto the roof. I slide out with them, hoping to escape the thick mugginess inside and the awkwardness of not being able to understand that evening’s entertainment. Bit stoopid going to a Brazillian-beatnik-style poetry event when you don’t understand Portuguese.

The Under Rocks city guide to Sao Paulo, Argentina.

It’d appear from my promenade through George Town this morning that I’m walking through the 1930s. It’s like being in one of them elegant Chinese smoking adverts. I haven’t been invited into any opium-dens yet but still, its early days.

The Under Rocks city guide to Penang, Malaysia.

*I wasn’t (nor have I ever been) on a passport run