“I don’t like the way that culture goes, especially in Brazil, and especially if you turn on the TV. I don’t like the way a lot of things are made these days, a good reference for me is the ’20s and ’30s when everything was handcrafted and handmade and focused. Ipods and cell phones? I feel like you have to keep getting a new one all the time and for me that’s bullshit.”

Under Rocks speaks to Santiago from São Paulo.

“All my life I was fortunate to do or not do whatever I wanted. With an immense amount of effort, of course…I never had the intention to be different. I never wanted to be hip or whatever, I just wanted to do my own thing. That’s all.”

Whilst in Berlin, Under Rocks speaks with Thom Piston.

The crowd inside the diy-bar above the office of the Choque Cultural art gallery pour out onto the roof. I slide out with them, hoping to escape the thick mugginess inside and the awkwardness of not being able to understand that evening’s entertainment. Bit stoopid going to a Brazillian-beatnik-style poetry event when you don’t understand Portuguese.

The Under Rocks city guide to Sao Paulo, Argentina.

It’d appear from my promenade through George Town this morning that I’m walking through the 1930s. It’s like being in one of them elegant Chinese smoking adverts. I haven’t been invited into any opium-dens yet but still, its early days.

The Under Rocks city guide to Penang, Malaysia.

*I wasn’t (nor have I ever been) on a passport run